Increase Market Access with Channel Management

Why Channel Management is Important

Accelerate Growth by Supporting Channel Sales

Your startup can benefit from channel partners by improving visibility for your products and services, getting better access to your ideal clients, and increasing sales. Your channel management strategy can help streamline your business processes, save you time and money, and redirect resources toward your core business activities – without having to hire a larger sales team.

Sail will help you with the necessary guidance to build and manage your partner program and define success criteria for finding the right partners. Additionally, we’ll set you up with the necessary resources to help your partners to successfully promote and sell your products or services. These include product and service training, sales and marketing materials, and access through a partner portal.


  • Partner Program Development

  • Communications Plan

  • Channel Partnership Strategy

  • Lead Generation Programs

  • Co-branded Content

  • Incentive Programs


Our Work

Partner Program

Partner Program

Solution Cheat Sheet

Solution Cheat Sheet

Channel Partner Sales Enablement Playbook

Partner Playbook

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